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Many companies are moving towards internal mobile applications to help streamline processes and make their operations more efficient. From simple to enterprise, we can build you an app that will meet your needs.


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Case Study

iKunena - an iPhone app originally developed for to read the forum posts.

The forum software used by Tronscendency is Kunena and the app was originally meant to just read the Tronscendency forum posts.We have enhanced it even further to not only be able to read posts from any site using the Kunena software but to post forum and/or private messages. Any site that would like to give access to thier forums to the app just needs to install the web service that communicates with the app.


iService - a customized version of our field service iPad app which is integrated with the Infor VISUAL ERP system for Foremost Calgary East (formerly Brahma Compression).

The common/basic functionality of the app allows the user, generally a service tech, the ability to go on site for service calls (sometimes to areas with limited or no network access) and create customer orders for the call which would be synced with the VISUAL ERP system once they return to an area with network access. The service techs are able to fill out predefined checklists for the service call, view the pdf generated customer order and print to any compatible printer. Previous orders can be cloned if the new service call is similar and a history of all previous service tech notes are viewable. Site locations are viewable on a map and the route from the current location laid out. The tech can view customer and part/service charge lists

In the case of Foremost, their implementation of the ERP system was unique across their multi-entity organization so the data that needed to be retrieved (and posted) needed to be mapped as it was not stored in the expected fields. The layout in the Dashboard and Service Orders tabs were changed to optimize it for their needs; separate views were combined to give an "all in one" UX (user experience).

iApprove - a customized version of the Business Forms Framework iPhone app for Foremost North (formerly Foremost Industries).

The common/basic functionality of the app allows the user to view submitted forms and either approve or reject the form. The user is required to sign with their signature when approving/rejecting a form. if there are any attachments in the form and the form type is flagged as must read attachments, the user cannot approve/reject without viewing all attachments. Comments can be added and a next approver selected if required.

In the case of Foremost, custom defined data was displayed singularly in a tableview and the web service was modified to return/post data from/to their own in house form application.

iParentPointsTracker - iParent Points Tracker was born from a personal need to remember how many points I had given to (or taken from) my child and for what. Sometimes trying to keep track on a piece of paper on the wall or fridge doesn't work like you hoped.

This is for parents, like myself, that use points for child development. The app will help you track the points you give to your child/children and track how "good" they've been visually on a graph chart.

The Objectives are what the child will receive once their points goal for that objective has been reached. If there are multiple objectives, the child could decide which one they want the points to go towards. Points are given by way of selecting an Activity. The Activity is what the child has done to receive points (positive or negative) and notes can be made as a reminder of the what happened during the activity (good or bad) and photos can be added as well (I.E. broken dish or clean room, etc.).

For more information on point systems, here is a document from describing one such system.

All data is stored on the device and in no way transferred or used externally by Wizgod Inc. or any third party.


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