Approval Form Workflows. Simple Yet Powerful.

Microsoft Technologies

Built on Microsoft Technologies with .NET, Active Directory, Exchange, IIS, SQL Server and designed with Visual Studio.

.NET Expressions

Leveraging .NET expressions, you have the power to manipulate the form on a control/field level.

The Power to Design

With the power of Visual Studio behind you, you can design a form to look plain and simple with basic formatting or go full force and design a visually elaborate form (or anything in between).

Active Directory Security

Integrated completely with Active Directory using groups. You control the user security, the application handles the groups.

Nearly Codeless

Inherit the FormsBase class and set just one property and you're off and running. Completly customizable with a number of abstract methods.

Mobile Approvals

With the native iOS iApprove app, you can approve or reject forms via the iPhone/iPad or browse to the forms via the iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

Built for Business

Built for businesses who want more control over thier forms than other web based form builder solutions.

Privacy & Encryption

Need the data to be secured on site? No problem. There is no Cloud. You control your own data wherever the SQL Server resides. All form data saved is encrypted.

Simple to Complex Workflows

Build a form with one approver or 100 (or more). With the power of expressions you can pick which approver group to use based on any control/field value.